A division of BDELLYSA Inc.

Your small loads delivery quickly.

Located in Calgary BABYTRUCK Logistics is a new division of BDELLYSA Inc. created with an objective of providing businesses with fast small load capabilities for items that customers want to have quickly delivered from your shop to their home.

We also offer a low cost option for homeowners who need items delivered from a business or their home to another location be it storage container, friend, family or?   We are a cost effective replacement option to renting pickups or vans.  We permit you to focus on having a comfortable car and not on having to have a truck for those just in case moments.

Our service is provided to those customers with small cars – or no car and who do not have a pickup or van but still want to buy a new large screen TV or a new range or washer/dryer or perhaps a nice comfortable recliner or a small sofa.

Our goal is to become your most trusted logistics provider and your customer’s favorite delivery option.

Consider this:

  • We will pick up for delivery anywhere in Calgary usually within 1hr – then deliver in Calgary usually within 1hr
  • We will pick up for delivery anywhere in Calgary usually within 1hr – then deliver in Airdrie usually within 2hr
  • We do not provide free set up, install or assembly of purchased items at our special LOW delivery prices. Our service is for delivery. If you wish us to  set up, install or assemble your new items we will provide a very reasonable price as a separate item.
  • If you call us before a purchase has been completed we will, in some cases, be able to have a delivery vehicle at your door for pickup by the time the transaction is completed.

Small parcels $23 for direct place to place or $12 for same day

Your boxes / chairs / coffee tables / mattresses / dressers etc
If it fits in our vehicles (some reasonable restrictions)introductory price $25.00 per delivery.
1 item or two items for one person to one address at one time introductory price $25.00 per delivery.

Restrictions: We are 1 person units so large items requiring 2 people, bulky items over 40lb that are not manageable by 1 person, special deliveries over 20km etc. must be charges out at a different but also very reasonable rate.  We are very reasonable and agreeable about moving most items but for the safety of our drivers we request your patience and understanding if they cannot accept your items without assistance.  Any restriction will be detailed on a restrictive document and must signed/agreed to before loading.

We offer negotiated rates for regular parts and parcel delivery service

Our vehicle rate for long distance movements is the base load charge and $0.47/km (47cents/km) – rate is both ways going and return.  If a driver helper is required an additional hourly charge will be applied to cover that cost  The advantage with us is that you effectively get a hotshot service that is actually a hotshot service – we try to pick up within the hour and deliver directly for a significantly lower price.

Maximum cargo capacity for our baby trucks, depending on the unit, 1.5m x 1.5m x 1.3m and approx 375kg. Please note: We operate a load delivery service –we do not normally expect our drivers to load/unload or lift items over 50lbs unassisted. Extra labor will be charged for on an hourly basis.