Trucking Services for Individuals

Try this with the traditional messenger or moving companies – Call them and say “I just bought a new BBQ and I need you to bring it right over”.  Pretty sure the answer will be either sorry but you don’t have an account with us, or no we can’t do that you will need to wait until 3-4 days from now, or sorry but we are really busy and it will cost you $60 or $85 or more.    NOW call BabyTruck Logistics and you will be asked where we pick it up,  where we deliver it, your name and phone number, and finally we tell you our cost which is probably about half of the other guys.  OH YES we will try to have it delivered to you in about 2 hours.  There is no red tape with BabyTruck Logistics.  We consider that YOU are the client and we are here to serve you.  We consider that YOU ARE THE CLIENT and we are here to SERVE YOU

Trucking Services Reducing Your Cost Exposure

Why do you have a pickup?  for most people if is because you may need to move something one day.  A big cost for the probable need.  Introducing BabyTruck Logistics the people who provide your logistic needs at a fraction of the cost of owning a pickup.  We can also be more convenient than renting a pickup or small moving van.  When you buy a new big screen TV, or a new stove,or a BBQ, or a new kitchen table you do not need to go and rent a truck, pay for insurance and all of the other ” special fees” then go load up and bring it home, unload and lug it to where you want it.  Then you have to go back to the rental agency, hope nobody scratched their precious vehicle, and finally go back home.   BabyTruck Logistics removes almost all of that fun.  You call us, tells where to pick up, where to deliver, provide us your name, address and phone number then go to the door and watch us deliver your new “thing” right away — that is right away as in not next week — right away.   OH YES the price  – you get that before we even pick up and it will be a firm quotation.

Trucking Services for Industry

Past experience has demonstrated to us at BabyTruck Logistics that more than 50% of hot shot trips are carrying items that we could deliver for 60%-70% of your current costs.  We try to provide the most economical service possible using the correct vehicle to carry your items and wherever possible to further reduce your cost we will explore every option available to you.  Our mileage rate is more than competitive and once we give a price – unless it could be reduced with back hauls or load splitting it is a firm price.

You may wonder how this can be?  At BabyTruck Logistics we have a simple philosophy and a simple practice.  Our vehicles work a full day every day so: our drivers are busy and happy, our vehicles are optimized, and we do not need to charge an arm and a leg for every service.  We try to take advantage of technology and use every option for reducing our bottom line which means your cost is also less.

Trucking Services for Appliance Dealers

Right now BabyTruck Logisitics provides a faster, more economical service than most conventional delivery services.  We are working to be even better, with more technology and more little trucks we will be able make more deliveries at even lower costs.  Over the next months we will improving our service to the point where those companies not considering us will probably be paying a 30-40% premium for their deliveries.  That is really a lot of bucks coming out of the customers pockets unnecessarily.